3 Garage Storage Organization Tips

Keeping your garage organized after deep cleaning can be a daunting task. You may want to keep your cars and family out of your garage just so it can stay tidy! However, you may not have to. Here are 3 tips to help you get your garage organization started off the right way.


Store Items Properly

While your memory box is fun to go through, you probably don’t go through it that often. You want to keep your totes of rarely used items, such as the memory box, camping gear, or seasonal decor, up and out of the way. Make sure any chemicals you have in your garage are stored out of the reach of any kids that may make their way into your garage. You’ll want to do the same with any tools. Sports equipment can be stored up and off the ground on shelving to give you more accessibility to them and to prevent them from unnecessary wear and tear.


Label, Label, Label

It’s incredibly frustrating when you go to grab one item, but you can’t seem to remember which of your color-coordinated totes it is located in. Label each of your totes on the end so you can easily read what is inside without having to take them down. If you have a box with more than one category in it you may want to consider having some kind of list inside the box to know what it specifically holds. You can even consider labeling different shelves within your cabinets and drawers to help find specific items but also to remember where something is supposed to go back to. While you can hand-make labels you also can purchase blank ones so that everything uniform.


Do A Weekly Walk-Through

Your schedule often takes over and before you know it your garage is cluttered again. Take 15 minutes once a week to walk-through your garage and make sure everything is in its proper place. If you can’t walk-through your garage you may need to enlist some help from your family and allocate a little more time to the weekly maintenance of your garage. If you find the same areas or items are cluttered each week you may want to consider relocating some items to make it more convenient for these to be put away. You will also want to make sure your whole family knows the organization system for your garage, so you can count on them to help keep your garage organized every week.


Keeping your garage organized doesn’t have to be a chore. These 3 tips are just the beginning of different ways you can keep your garage organized. Be sure to check out some of our garage cabinet ideas and see which of our organization systems will work best for you!