How To Use Monkey Bars Shelving to Increase Your Storage Space

Garage shelving is a big deal. It saves a ton of space in a part of your home that usually doesn’t get credit for being clean and organized. Shelves help you take things and store them up high on the walls rather than just piled up on the ground. In almost any concept of storage for a garage, basement or shed, shelves are a top priority. You probably already understand that, judging by the fact you’re on this website in the first place.
Here at Garage Remedy in Orange County, one of our customers’ biggest questions is, “What makes Monkey Bars shelving different from other systems?” As authorized dealers of the Monkey Bars products, we know that this system solves a lot of problems that normal, DIY shelves can’t figure out.
The biggest benefit of these products is that they are built to handle massive loads of weight and they are versatile enough to hold a huge variety of common garage products big and small. Here are some ideas of things you can use to hold with Monkey Bars shelving that normally blocks access to the rest of your garage.


Surfboards can be very awkward to store in a garage due to their length and shape. Boards tend to be anywhere from five to ten feet long, and can weigh up to 15 pounds, depending on the style. Instead of simply stacking them along the wall, you can use Monkey Bars shelving to hold them in place. Monkey Bars are sturdy enough to easily hold multiple boards, and we offer widths of 16 to 32 inches, which make it easy to hold them in place. With two to three four-foot sections aligned next to one another, you’ll have a stylish way to hold and display your boards in the garage, off the ground where they are protected from damage.


It’s important to store bikes in a safe and dry environment as often as you can, which usually means in the garage. However, their long frames are awkward to store out of the way. Monkey Bars shelves come equipped with hooks and bars strong enough to hold a bike off the ground. These hooks allow your bike(s) to hang vertically and in an orderly line. You can even hang other objects right next to them because you can customize the arrangement of hooks however you want.

Lawn Tools:

While many homeowners enjoy having hangers for things like shovels, rakes, weed trimmers, leaf blowers, etc., Monkey Bars’ hooks and bars allow you to store these vertically as part of your shelving system. By using essentially the same wall space as shelves, you save up the space elsewhere for things like wall decorations or cabinetry.

Sports Gear:

The size and weight of sports equipment can vary quite a bit, but your Monkey Bars can handle all of it. The hooks allow easy hanging for things like golf clubs, baseball or tennis bags, and longboards. There are also small hooks that will hold things like baseball bats, tennis rackets or a bucket of balls.
For random odds and ends, we have baskets and gear bags in a few different sizes. Wire baskets can hold a bunch of golf balls, and the larger gear bag can hold things like assorted basketballs and soccer balls.


Most of us have a few spare chairs or folding tables lying around. As convenient as it is to keep them pinned against a wall (it’s not), those chairs can easily hang on the Monkey Bars. It looks seamless and intentional to guests, and opens up the floor for other things. Because our hooks come as long as ten inches and can hold up to 80 pounds, you can store multiple chairs on a single hook.

Storage with garage shelving can be a daunting task. With a little creativity, you’ll find more and more is able to be hung neatly and orderly along the walls of your space and give you more peace of mind and room to roam.